Down & Out

Transatlantic or South Pacific: It's imperative to have a way in this world. We must not neglect our appetites. Cravings are desires; desires are wants; wants are, perhaps, actually needs. And we need more than food and water.

Landlocked in a drought. Drowning in debt. Losing receipts down by the sea: Loving everything.

We must not be so shallow. We must look up from our own reflections. There is dust on our skin, rust on our bones. Look away at once, for once.

Look! Governments shooting down progress. Police shooting down people. People shooting down ideas. Look away...

Which sand is monitored? Which air do we breed? Which dirt do we dig?

Gossip is gossip. A job is a job. A cave, a cell, a con.

A fresh start, initiative. Parse out the parcels.

The future is present. The present is past. Come again?